Eat Real – Hummus Chips – Tomato & Basil – 135 g

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Eat Real Snacks, Fruit and Nut Bars are based on Three Very Simple Concepts that are Taste, Nutrition and Real Ingredients. Eat real‘ S Desire is to create a product to Standard Alternativen that is an enjoyable Healthy Snacks and confectionery items and to distinguish themselves from Other Brands that are ever Present on supermarket shelves.
Made From Real, Natural Ingredients with no added nasties (colourings and preservatives, Artificial flavourings), Eat Real have something for the whole Family that can be enjoyed at any time of The Day.
‚From Hamble Chick pea to Crunchy Crispy Chips, you will instantly recognise The Taste Of Tomato FOLLOWED BY THE freshness of Basil. The Flavours and scents will Remind you of vegetables and ingredients Making you truly understand what „all-natural should Taste Like. Perfect on their own or even better Shared.