BELVOIR FRUIT FARMS Pressé – Elderf Lower & Rose 750 ml Price: 8,32 (as of 04/07/2021 09:42 PST- Details)

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Qualitätsartikel, echtes Produkt. Qualitätsartikel, echtes pr
Qualitätsartikel, echtes Produkt. Qualitätsartikel, echtes Produkt


Belvoir Fruit Farms make naturally delicious Cordials, Pressés and Fruit Crushes at their home in the gorgeous Lincolnshire countryside.

Mary Manners, the wife of founder Lord John Manners, started making cordials in her kitchen in the seventies by infusing the elderflowers and pressing the fruit grown on their family farm. Since then, Belvoir has carried on the same method of infusion: pressing and cooking of fresh flowers, fruits and spices, which are then blended with local spring water to make their delicious drinks. Never compromising on quality and choosing only the best ingredients, everything that goes into their drinks is real and natural with nothing artificial at all.

The heady floral taste of soft rose petals blends beautifully with the delicate scent of Elderflowers to form a deliciously perfumed sparkling drink. Pink and perfect, this drink will be quenching your thirst all summer long.